What is a motion-picture shop?

We’re a boutique studio that will take care of your project from the beginning to the very end.

From concept, through execution, to post production – all under one roof.

Or, even just a single part of the process.

All is just a matter of what you need.

Think of us as a family shop.

We are a small studio of former colleagues who met on film sets, in ad agencies or sound studios and became friends. We rely heavily on each other and work very closely.


Completely in house

All the work happens uder one roof.

Scalable team

Not every project requires hundreds of people working on it. We assign only those positions who are a contribution to our common endeavour.

Senior professionals

From accounts to VFX artists. You can expect a long experience in their respective fields.

Transparent cost-efficient pricing

You pay only for the people who actually work on your project. Our reasonable prices and transparent fees will surprise you.